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“What an achievement to make such a wonderful cello! It plays beautifully in every way, and is absolutely GORGEOUS visually.

I look forward to spending years showing this cello off at every opportunity and letting it prove to others that a cello doesn't need age to have richness and depth, it just needs makers with the right ideals!”

Marian Ost Casey – former principal cello of the Western Plains Opera Company

“Every time Samantha shows up for her lesson, I ask to play her new cello for a few minutes, just so I can delight in its superior sound.

It is a great instrument, and I know that my student and I (and her parents) are deeply satisfied and could not ask for anything more from a cello. Congratulations to you on your artistry.”

With best wishes,

Josh Koestenbaum – principal cello of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra